English info

We do speak English - for better idea, there is some basic info about our service shop.
We do not accept customers with parts purchased elsewher.

Express service

We understand, that sometimes you need work done as soon as possible. Mostly for abroad travelers. For this occasion, we have special rates for express service. 

Basic Hourly Rate – when you order in advance

Express hour rate – we will work on your bike as soon is in our shop

Check our price list

Why come to us

We are your specialized e shop with parts and personal bike service

We have more than 10 years of experience
Specialized on suspension service
You can buy comfortably from our eshop
Have our own fully equipped workshop
Tyre service without long waiting
Large selection of parts
Do you already know our great services?

Pick & return

We can pick up fork or shock at your place - address which you choose

Large offer of services

Our service can take care of you enduro, street bike or motocross bike

Pick up your machine

If you are not able to come to us, we can pick up your bike whenever you need

Express Service

During waiting you can enjoy coffee in near by restaurant

Price List

Hour rate800 CZK1600 CZK
* We charge every start hour
* In case of bringing dirty motorcycle, we charge for bike wash
Replacement vehicle
Scooter rental during repair time 200 CZK / Day
* first day is free
Cleaning and maintenenceRegularExpress
Bike wash, chain lube 400 CZK1200 CZK
Bike wash + chain lube (very dirty bike, motocross) 700 CZK1800 CZK
add fee – bike detailing with bike cosmetic 200 CZK200 CZK
Washing foam filter 150 CZK300 CZK
Washing and lube foam filter 200 CZK400 CZK
Assistance Services etc. RegularExpress
Bike Pick up800 CZK + km x 40 CZK2000 CZK + km x 40 CZK
STK handling (withou fees for TK) 1000 CZK2000 CZK
VIN label production700 CZK1400 CZK
Parking – not available
In case of non pick up motorcycle after service 100 CZK / day
Tyre Service
MOTOR BIKE1 wheel2 wheels
Tyre change700 CZK1300 CZK
Tyre change on demounted wheel 400 CZK700 CZK
Tyre change with mousse / tubliss  1000 CZK2000 CZK
Tyre change (bring your own tyres)  900 CZK1500 CZK
Tyre change on demounted wheel (bring your own tyres) 600 CZK1100 CZK
* We can charge extra hour rate for scooters wheels or some cruizers or seeze bolts, etc.
Tyre tube patch (1 puncture) + tyre removal100 CZK
Tube less tyre patch (1 puncture) + tyre removal200 CZK
Disposal of bring in tires 100 CZK / pc


Front suspension RegularExpress
Open dumping rod, convetional fork Adrenalin oil1 700 CZK2500 CZK
(ER5, Bandit, etc.)K-Tech/KYB/Ohlins/K-tech/Showa oil2 200 CZK3000 CZK
Cartrige fork Adrenalin oil2 200 CZK3000 CZK
(MX fork, twin chamber, BPF) K-Tech/KYB/Ohlins/K-tech/Showa oil2700 CZK3500 CZK
Custom set up, K-Tech oil 3 200 CZK4000 CZK
Rear shockRegularExpress
Street MX, ATV (1pc)Adrenalin oil2 200 CZK3000 CZK
K-Tech/KYB/Ohlins/K-tech/Showa oil2 700 CZK3500 CZK
K-Tech/KYB/Ohlins/K-tech/Showa oil2 700 CZK3500 CZK
Custom set up 3 200 CZK4000 CZK
Hydraulic spring preload 700 CZK1400 CZK
Remodeling of nitrogen filling 700 CZK700 CZK
Stearing dumper 1200 CZK2000 CZK
Pick & Return by parcel company400 CZK
– price without material – oil seal, dust seal, bushes, etc.

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